April 2018

April 18, 2018
How About A Outdoor Wedding?

Consider an Outdoor Wedding

Planning your dream wedding requires lots of hard work and attention to detail. Where you choose to say “I do” sets the stage for the remainder of the celebration. Although many indoor and church weddings are lovely, more and more couples are opting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

There are many reasons to consider an outdoor wedding besides the obvious ones:  the sun, the trees, and warm breezes! With an outdoor wedding you have the ability to create a day that is uniquely you. Often couples are seeking to make their day different and avoid the feeling of a “cookie cutter” wedding.  Outdoor options abound in New Hampshire. Do you love being on the water? Consider the beach, or one of the states’ many lakes, or even a floating wedding aboard a boat. Do you love the outdoors, hiking and our beautiful mountains? Your dream location could be an orchard, a ski resort or a Christmas tree farm.

Having an outdoor venue allows you to create exactly the celebration you want. Whether you choose a New England clambake or a formal seated dinner with decorations to match, you don’t have to conform to the painted walls or specific décor of a reception hall.  One of the bonuses of an outdoor wedding is that the natural beauty of your surroundings lessens your need for elaborate decorations. Consider timing your wedding to include a beautiful sunset or to take advantage of fall color. Outdoor weddings are a photographer’s dream, creating opportunities for one-of-a-kind wedding portraits.

Having an outdoor wedding does require special considerations. Every bride wants a perfect sunny day for their wedding, but you need to be prepared for the vagaries of Mother Nature. Will the wedding move inside, or is there a tent? Does the tent have sides? Are heaters available if the day is chilly?

Do you need to rent all of the equipment: tables, chairs, linen, glassware, etc.? This requires additional planning and work for the bride unless the venue offers the services of an event coordinator.

Some towns have rules about consumption of alcohol in public places, so check to be sure you’re allowed to serve alcohol. If you’re getting married in a public park or on the beach you may need a permit. Make sure you arrange this well in advance as it would be a shame if the police decided to crash your party.

Do guests have a place to park? If parking is tight you may want to hire valets for the event. Another option is to instruct guests to park in a local parking lot and shuttle them to your location. Many limo companies rent trolleys, which could be a fun way to transport guests.

Finally, consider including a note in the invitation or on your website to let your guests know what to expect (i.e. wear flat shoes, bring sunscreen).

An outdoor wedding is a unique event tailored to your personal style.  Have fun no matter what the weather may be and remember – an overcast day on a mountaintop is still more spectacular than a sunny day in a reception hall!

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