April 2018

April 26, 2018
Interview With Heather Of Grace Limousine

What moves you to provide reliable transportation for your wedding party & guests?

Often an after-thought, transportation is one of the single most important details of your wedding day, and its surrounding festivities.  We recently sat with Heather Campbell MacKay, Events Coordinator with Grace Limousine, to gather some insight on the importance of choosing reliable transportation.

Premier Bride:  Are there any common misconceptions surrounding wedding transportation?

Heather:  Yes, absolutely!  Often couples will assume that they do not need transportation if their ceremony and reception are being held at the same location.  There are many other aspects of transportation that need to be considered.  For instance, will they need guest shutting from a local hotel?  Will they need bachelor/bachelorette party transportation?  Honeymoon transportation to and from the airport?  They may also want to consider providing safe transportation for the rehearsal dinner.  Wedding festivities and drinking often go hand in hand, and couples should consider the importance of safety.  Peace of mind is priceless, yet affordable!

Premier Bride:  You seem to be stressing the importance of guest shuttling.  Can you give us an idea of how that might work?

Heather:  Of course.  To start, I like to get an idea of the potential number of guests that might use the transportation.  Next, I want to find out where most of the guests are staying and where the wedding venue is located.  Depending on the number of passengers, Grace Limousine can offer vans, luxury limo coaches, or motor coaches to accommodate groups of any size.  Van service starts at around $300, and coach service varies depending on times and locations.  Once I have the basic details, I do some homework and get back to them with a shuttling plan that will fit their budget.  If the couple is offering an open bar for guests, they really need to have shuttling so that their guests can be transported safely following the reception.

Premier Bride:  Why should the couple call you to book the large shuttling vehicles, versus calling the motor coach companies directly?

Heather:  That is such a great question.  At my company, Grace Limousine, we have been setting the standard for wedding transportation for the last 23 years.  When we partner with another company, for instance a motor coach company, we are putting our name on the service.  Over the years, we have used several companies in the area, and we are very aware of the ones that provide service to meet our standards.  These companies offer us a discounted rate, which we are pleased to be able to pass on to the client.

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