Booth Tips

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a costly investment, especially for a small business. BUT, smart pre-show planning can increase your ROI generated from the event. In some cases, gaining only 1 new client will pay for the cost of your booth! Think about your tradeshow as a process, not a singular event. What should you do before, during, after, and for future shows to ensure reaching your goals? A few important considerations:

  • How will you get the word out before hand to increase traffic at the show? Send out a mailer or email to existing and potential clients informing them about the upcoming show. Post a banner ad on your web site or other industry sites. Advertise in industry publications.
  • Does your exhibit look like it represents the same company as your other marketing pieces (your web site, direct mail, magazine ads)? Repeat marketing is more memorable, and people are more likely to buy from businesses they recognize.
  • Are you catering to your target audience? For eg: Gear your messaging to cost savings if your potential client is budget conscious.
  • Do your exhibit graphics clearly say who you are, what you do, and what is your benefit? When you state those clearly, you’ll bring in more qualified visitors.
  • Are you trying to say too much? Show attendees only have time to look at graphics, not read paragraphs. Go for impact over information. Big, bold images and concise copy. Detailed information can be provided in your brochure handout or by your booth staff.
  • Are the words on your exhibit legible? Avoid text that is too small, has low contrast to its background, a font so “creative”it can’t be read, or is hidden by other exhibit components.
  • Are your graphics sharp? The digital graphic file that was sharp enough for your brochure may be too small to create high resolution large format exhibit graphics.
  • Do you create or provide interaction with visitors? Provide free samples of your product if applicable (if not, have a candy bowl), show a video demo playing on loop, give out promo items, your brochure and business card, have a small seating area for conversation.
  • Who will staff your booth? Too many staffers will crowd a small booth, too few will leave visitors unattended, especially if bathroom breaks are needed. Discuss staff attire pre-show.
  • What to do with your extra stuff? Consider a curtained area or table covering where you can hide extra literature, giveaways, staffers’ bags, coats, etc.
  • How will you measure success? Can you track post-show sales? Consider a show promotion where leads will have to mention or show that they received your promo.
  • How will you follow up with leads after the show? Send a thank you card or email to show attendees. Add them to your email marketing campaign. Call those who visited your booth or you actually talked to. Offer a show promotion.

For more information or questions regarding your booth design, please contact us . Our Marketing department will be glad to help you with your exhibit, advertising, email marketing, web site design, web banner ads, and more.

Remember, your trade show booth can make or break your business so be sure to plan out your booth concept carefully to be able to carry out the message and goal that you are aiming for. By doing this, you can be assured that you shall close the exhibit with a new pool of potential business clients.